Summer 2023 Horoscope: How Will Love Go?

summer horoscope

If spring is the season of love in nature, summer is no less so… especially for vacationers! Beaches, resorts, sunset aperitifs, nights at the disco: the opportunities for meeting new people multiply exponentially in summer. But what do the stars and summer horoscope say about it? Which signs have an extra advantage thanks to astral influences?

Let’s start by giving you a little dose of astrology. This summer, Venus will be retrograde, meaning that, from our earthly perspective, the planet will appear to change direction. This event occurs every 18 months and lasts about a month and a half. How does it influence our lives? Retrograde Venus invites us to look at the past, to open our eyes to what we have experienced, and to change it if necessary. It can represent a period of changes and self-acceptance.

This summer, other planets will also be protagonists of these “retrograde transitions,” including Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and even the dwarf planet Pluto. With all these retrograde planets, we can say that it will definitely be a summer of changes.

summer horoscope

Let’s see how summer 2023 will be with the horoscope sign by sign


For Aries, the summer season represents the moment to tie up loose ends and better understand the phase they are in. Aries individuals will need to focus on patience and resilience to contain and resolve tense situations. It’s a time for maturity and growth.


“Yes, I can!” That’s the attitude of Taurus, who feels confident, optimistic, and exuberant thanks to the presence of Jupiter. It’s a great time to travel, start new projects, and meet new people. In short, have fun! Thanks to Retrograde Venus, Taurus individuals will do some introspection to reach their relational and personal goals.


This summer, Gemini individuals need to pay attention to what they say and, above all, how they say it. Communication is a weak point for this sign, but it can be remedied by finding new words, gestures, and signals to express feelings without hurting others.


No one needs relaxation, rest, and vacation like Cancer. Cancer individuals need to take control and take care of themselves by distancing themselves from toxic people and environments that could ruin them. Being protective and empathetic, Cancer individuals may find sudden changes more challenging, so they will need to gather strength to face the fateful passage of Venus.


It’s your summer, Leo! Your batteries are charged and ready for a full-on season. Follow your desire for freedom and dive into new experiences with friends (or something more!). This summer, you will have the opportunity to work on your image, change your look, and show everyone who you truly are.


If things don’t go as planned, Virgo individuals don’t take it very well… You will need to release this tension, perhaps through energetic physical activity. The influence of Mars and Saturn could increase your insecurity and jealousy. But your positive reaction will surprise you. Beware that an old flame may appear, so take your time to decide whether to give it a second chance.


For Libra individuals, looking back into the past could be a good opportunity to resolve old conflicts. Resolve, not dwell and intensify… So make peace with the past and look to the future that offers new and interesting relationships.


A fortunate summer for Scorpio that will clarify your expectations both in personal and professional aspects. Be ready for new relationships that can enhance your life. Those who are already committed may be ready for the next level, whether it’s cohabitation or marriage. Scorpio, one piece of advice: listen to your instinct!


The transit of Jupiter will bring optimism, growth, and energy to Sagittarius. You will be ready for new challenges to positively enrich your life. It will be a summer of changes, but thanks to your energy, you will face decisions with courage. A touch of luck will also lend you a hand, which never hurts!


Summer 2023: it’s time for evaluations and reaping the rewards for Capricorn, while also looking towards the future. Instead of dwelling on the past, be prepared to open your heart to new relationships. Allow yourself to embrace new connections that can mature into something more enduring and fulfilling.


Rough waters for Aquarius, as you will begin the summer with a bit of unease. Retrograde Venus will offer you the opportunity to understand what isn’t working in your current relationship and decide whether to try to resolve the issues or change course. Reflection and discovery are your keywords for summer 2023.


Self-esteem, trust, and introspection: Pisces individuals will need to work on themselves to face the summer season. But it’s a sowing period that will yield a fulfilling autumn harvest. With Saturn opposing Mars, you may find yourself irritable unintentionally; therefore, you must channel these frustrations into positive energy.

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