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Have you encountered too many wrong men and are looking for a way to avoid them? Today, you can finally discover the 4 types of single 40-year-old men to avoid instantly!

Single at 40? The best gift you’ve given yourself is the chance to start over from scratch

40-Year-Old Singles: “The Narcissist”

He’s called “the narcissist” – the man who presents himself as the perfect man, the Prince Charming with the white horse, the one you’ve been waiting for forever.

Super attentive and kind, he puts you at the center of his world in such a short time without you asking.

“Wow, is it a dream?” Yes, it is.

He anticipates your every need and does everything to indulge your tastes and desires.

Yes, he does, but only at the beginning: soon, this angelic and “Disney story” behavior will be replaced by an ambiguous and moody personality that will make your life a real hell.

Generally, a man suffering from narcissistic personality disorder is someone obsessed with physical appearance and the image he has of himself. He does everything to please others and lacks empathy, thinking that everything is owed to him and considering himself the master of the world.

Do you have problems or a difficult situation to face? You won’t have any priority for him.

Your needs and problems will always take a back seat, of course, behind his.

Pay attention to how he treats others, especially in the very first conquest phase where he will do everything to mask his true identity.

40-Year-Old Singles: The one with “Peter Pan” syndrome

Oh yes, he’s really different: a pleasant and fun man, capable of making you experience moments full of lightness and… passion!

Too bad he’s so busy shaking off problems that he will always remain an eternal “Peter Pan,” the incurable child who doesn’t want ties or an evening story to build something solid.

So if you intend to go beyond frivolities and fulfill your love dream, there’s nothing else to do but run away from him!

Contrary to popular belief, men with “Peter Pan” syndrome are often sincere and show their real intentions right away, unlike “narcissists” who use tactics and ambiguous attitudes.

So don’t try to make him more adult or change his mind; the only fault he will have is always being a little afraid to grow up. Instead, you could live your relationship as a momentary flirt without giving up that touch of passion that never hurts!

40-Year-Old Singles: “Make way, we need to call Mom!”

40-Year-Old Singles: The “Jealous Boyfriend”

And here we go again: “Look, I’m jealous, you’re mine and that’s it, got it baby?” – sorry, we stopped because we got a little shiver at the “baby“…

When was the last time you heard this phrase?

Probably in the first year of high school when you weren’t yet able to confess to “the one you had a crush on.”

All very cute, except that now you’re “grown-up,” and therefore these phrases give you shivers only because they make everything unreal and childish…

Even worse is encountering someone who throws hysterical scenes without reason:

You know, I didn’t think you could do it… you’ve been online for 10 minutes, during which I managed to understand that you’re chatting with someone else. Congratulations...”

And here, dear woman, is how the attraction phase quickly dies!

Take the Cadillac we talked about at the beginning and start the engine; you’re still in time!

When you’re a 40-year-old single, proud of yourself and you know it:

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