She Kisses Him, He Kisses Me… Polyamory, What Is It?

polyamory what is it

I saw her kissing him
He kisses her,
who kisses me
Mon amour, amour
But whom do you kiss?

Mon Amour – Annalisa

“Mon Amour” by Annalisa immediately became a hit, leaving those who listen to it in torment because, in the end, the singer must tell us who is kissing whom…. surely, it is an anthem to polyamory because there is something between her, the boy, and the other person… 

polyamory what is it

But what is polyamory?

Let’s start by saying that it is not about cheating but rather an open and transparent relationship. Cheating implies a hidden and clandestine affair behind one’s partner’s back. In a polyamorous relationship, however, the partners consensually accept the presence of multiple emotional or intimate bonds with other individuals.

In the concept of polyamory, there are no distinctions based on gender or sexual orientation because respect and freedom of sharing are the foundations. There can be couples who embark on other relationships with individuals that their partner doesn’t know, while others share the experience as an “extended family.” This broad category of non-monogamy also includes open relationships or couple swapping. As mentioned before, consent and respect are fundamental.

Moreover, the polyamorous experience requires affirmation, declaration, and coming out to live relationships openly and sincerely, without becoming victims of sterile gossip.

Furthermore, a polyamorous relationship should not be understood as a fleeting or promiscuous fulfillment. Instead, it is a search for emotions, intimacy, and affection with multiple individuals in perfect (or near-perfect) harmony with multiple partners.

That being said, it’s certainly not a type of relationship that suits everyone. First and foremost, it presupposes that jealousy towards the other partner does not prevail over the relationship, and that is not an easy task. Secondly, there are many prejudices against polyamorous individuals, so society may not view an open couple in a positive light. However, not everyone has the strength to ignore others’ judgments.

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