Do you often wonder if your friendship could be something more? It’s time to discover that friendship between men and women exists, but only if certain rules are followed…

Friendship between men and women: rarer than unique…

Yes, friendship between men and women exists, although it might be in 1 out of 5 cases.

It’s a relationship that starts simply and spontaneously: you find yourself laughing, joking, and confiding in someone of the opposite sex in no time. All of this without ever considering the possibility of ending up in bed…

However, this issue seems to arise later when the bond takes an intimate turn, no longer resembling a simple friendship but something more…

Many believe that the friendship between males and females doesn’t last long due to the potential for developing physical attraction or romantic feelings for the other person.

This is why friendship is seen as something “rare” and challenging to cultivate.

What is friendship between men and women and how does it work?

Friendship between men and women: how NOT to ruin everything

And now, we can finally answer your question: “How do I avoid ruining the friendship with him?”

There are some tips that could prevent this kind of problem:

  • Take the right distance: If your friendship is new, try to maintain the right space to avoid falling into the intimacy of a romantic couple. This doesn’t mean you have to set limits, but recognize when it’s appropriate to reach out to the other person and see them. In essence, try to create the right balance so that the relationship doesn’t turn into something romantic and intimate.
  • Avoid “couple” places: Avoid choosing overly “romantic” places, like couple-friendly venues, inviting him to family dinners, or spending Valentine’s Day together.
  • Both committed? Invite the partner: If you share friendship with a man but are already in a relationship, I have an idea for you: why not arrange an outing with both your friend and your partner? It would be the ideal opportunity for them to get to know each other, even better if he is accompanied by his partner or a friend! This will help respect boundaries and clarify each person’s place in your life.

Friendship between men and women: when does it become something more?

As mentioned earlier, friendship often changes due to physical attraction. Therefore, if you’ve noticed that you want to end up in bed with him, or conversely, if he desires to see you naked…

IT Alert: You’re not just friends anymore; you’re becoming something more…

Here are the gestures that could make you understand that your relationship has just changed, and one of you is starting to seek something more:

  • You want to kiss him.
  • He often looks at your lips.
  • You frequently have physical contact (caresses, recurring hugs, kisses on the forehead, etc.).
  • You feel a certain discomfort when he talks about other girls/notice that he’s bothered when you talk about other men.
  • You feel a certain discomfort when he’s with another woman/notice that he’s bothered when you’re with another man.
  • You exchange gifts.
  • You want to share very intimate things with him/he wants to share very intimate things with you.
  • You often send each other photos/he often sends you photos.
  • You talk a lot during the day and very often even late at night.
  • When you’re with friends/colleagues/family, you often talk about him.
  • You think about him more than necessary during your days.
  • You exchange “good morning” and “goodnight” messages.

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