Are you wasting your time with him, or have you made the right choice
to continue? Find out if he’s truly the best man for you!

1. The best man for you will never force anything

  • To share your boldest dreams.
  • To accept compliments on your crazy ideas (which make you unique in his eyes).
  • To revert to a bit of childlike innocence and show the sweetest part of yourself.
  • To confide secrets in him because you know he would guard them as if they were his own.

If at least one of these things has happened to you, it could mean that you are beginning to experience what is commonly known as “true love.”

2. The best man will always help you discover “a new you”

Have you known this person for a while, and every time you write to each other or go out together, do you feel like he helps you discover new things about yourself that you never would have imagined?

The right one can make this happen too!

The ideal partner will act as a guide for your personal growth, stimulating your creativity and inspiring you to overcome limits.

How? For example, you might find yourself indulging in new experiences or activities that you had never considered before and that you wouldn’t have thought of doing…

If you feel different, sense that everything is different with him, feel inspired to improve yourself, enjoy this, and like who you are, it could be a sign that he is the best man for you…

Another point in his favor!

3. Does he involve you in his plans? He’s the best man for you!

During discussions about future plans and projects, has it often happened that he includes you? This means he is already starting to envision something more solid with you, going beyond simple conversations and appointments.

Here are some phrases that could demonstrate a significant interest and where he anticipates the desire to live a “tomorrow” with you:

  • This spring, I want to organize a trip and visit… Would you like to come with me?
  • I’d love to take you to that place one of these days, or in a month…
  • Oh, that house would be really beautiful, what do you think? The area is also very nice…
  • In a year, I’ll have to attend that event; would you like to accompany me?
  • Look at this… we should buy it!
  • For next year, I want to invest in a project, do you want to be part of it?
  • In a year, a movie is coming out… shall we go see it?

4. The best man for you will love you for who you are

The right man will never make you feel like a disaster, not even for a second, and he will know how to appreciate your uniqueness and individuality to the fullest and at the most opportune moments.

Furthermore, he will also find the courage to confess which of your “flaws” he loves the most, describing them as unique and making you love them a bit more too!

  • Do you have a tendency to make noise with cutlery when you eat because you have your own way of slicing food? It doesn’t matter; he likes it anyway because every time he eats and doesn’t hear any noise, he’ll think of you.
  • Did you record an audio where you laugh or stumble over words? He will laugh too, and to not make you feel uncomfortable, he’ll reciprocate with an equally embarrassing audio.

What to do when he is NOT the best man for you, but there’s a “feeling”:

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